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Family Dentistry

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Experience convenience when you visit Alameda Dental Care, a dental office that will treat the whole family! We treat patients as young as one year old. It doesn’t matter if you have all your teeth or only a few, a full-service family dental office will help maintain a healthy mouth.

Children’s Dentist in Tempe

When parents take young children to the dentist for preventative care, it helps to limit potential phobias early on and develop good habits for future dental visits. Children learn that dental visits are fun! A friendly children’s dental office promotes a healthy relationship and habits through adulthood.  We have designed an exciting educational experience to promote a child’s happy return. Parents appreciate a no-fight trip to the dental chair.

Education and Preventative Care at Any Age

 A family dentist treats everyone. It is never too early to learn or correct bad habits for proper brushing and flossing techniques. It does not hurt to reinforce them especially once restorative work is done. Depending on the stage and age of a patient's teeth, the dentist will provide a treatment plan and maintenance after-care for any necessary dental treatment. Your family dentist will consult with the parent or guardian when minors are involved. A full explanation promotes understanding and a follow up plan is created to care for the after-care of the treated area. You will not go home guessing what happens next.  Alameda Dental Care is available to answer any question or address concerns during at-home after-care.

Tempe Family Dental Care

Oral health is important through every stage of life. A full-service dentist office is convenient. Dental emergencies are less scary (especially for children) when prior experiences with the family dentist have been positive. If your dental emergency involves eliminating dental pain, replace a lost crown, or to just have your Tempe dentist check an area you are concerned about, our staff will understand and address the patient’s needs immediately.

We provide:

• Preventative routine cleaning for teeth and gums
• Attention to each patient’s dental and emotional needs
• Oral cancer screening
• Cosmetic dental options
• After-care treatment plan
• Individualized treatment plans based on patient’s needs
• Cooperation with dental insurance plans

Complete family dental care with our caring dental team is our number one priority.  Each of our family dentists and highly trained hygienists are ready to care for each member of your family. Call today and schedule your appointments!




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